Frequently Asked Questions

1.Once I'm a member what happens next..Someone will contact you to get you started, its called a 'launch'..you will be set up ready to start earning money through the signals & trading

2.Can I be a trader from anywhere in the world?..Most certainly as this is a worldwide online forex education model.

3.How do I access my software given?..On registering as a trader through us, you will be asked to create your own username & password of your choice, then simply login.

4.Is there 24/7 support if I need it, by phone / email?..YES, there is always someone to support you on everything you need to do, step by step.

5.What are my profit expectations?..That will entirely depend on you as an individual, but there is no limit, if you have desire, belief, a goal, a reason why, then serious money can be earned.

6.Do you supply software to enable me to learn?.. YES we do, all accessible through your portal supplied.

7.How often will I get mentorship personally?..Has often as you request it, we are partnering so we want you to succeed.

8.Are there any meetings I can attend with other members?.. YES, we have regular meetings in the UK, then selected meetings within Europe currently, these are all free!

9.What if I'm not contacted after registering?.. Please contact us straight away, although we send your contact telephone number instantly to your trading mentor.

10.Can I introduce others to your forex academy?.. Most certainly, growing the business is crucial as we have a referral payment reward in place.

11.How am I paid.my reward?.. You will be paid through an online payment system.

12.What are the details of the software and academy provider?.. It's called International Markets Live, an American company established now 6 years.